Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost Abducted by Aliens

Last summer my husband's family had a small reunion in Bristow, OK. The relatives who were holding the party had a beautiful home with a pool, all decked out for a luau. The back yard and pool area were a beautiful place just to eat, swim and relax. I know you think I'm going to post some boring photos of a family reunion with people you don't even know. But you couldn't be further from the truth!

Along the way to their house we came upon the most bizarre scenes and that is what I want to share with you. It was all very strange for us, but the locals seemed to drive right by without even noticing. I guess you can get used to anything...but take a look!

The first thing that we came across was the Route 66 Shoe Tree. Now this was unusual and different, but not so bizarre as what we would find later.

Route 66 Shoe Tree
Route 66 Shoe Tree
I have been told that people driving by randomly toss their shoes on the tree.  Some of them looked brand new as if they had been bought with this purpose in mind.  There was an old abandoned trading post next to it.  We kind of half heartedly joked that maybe the proprietors used to kill passers by and throw their shoes on the tree...naw, surely not!

As strange as that may seem, what we saw next was so much stranger.  We had stopped along the way at a couple of local wineries and done some sampling, so when we came upon the next scene, I thought maybe I had sampled just a little too much wine.  We crossed the highway and drove right by this back yard.  I edited the photos to look like they were shot in 1960 because that just seemed like the right
                                                                              thing to do.  You'll know what I mean when you look at
                                                                              the pictures.

Alien Leaving Spaceship

That's right folks, this was right there by the road in someone's back yard.  This spaceship had landed and one alien had already gotten out and this one was getting ready to do God knows what!

As we looked over, we saw two small children trying to escape.  Had the aliens already killed their parents?  Were they alone and helpless with only one chance of escape?  We called to them and cheered them on in their attempted getaway.  We thought if they could just make it to the fence at the edge of the yard,
we could cut a hole in it and help them escape!

Alien Babysitter

The alien babysitter seemed to have her back turned to them for a moment.  She was giving some instructions to the other aliens.  We had only moments to help these two children find their way to safety!

Escaping Children

We kept calling out to them, but their car seemed
to be stuck on the top step of the back porch.  They kept waving and yelling for us to go on without them.  They knew that if we came into the backyard, we would never leave.  At least that's what we thought they were saying!

Quick, the alien's not looking!
                         Sadly, we got back in our car and drove away as the children tearfully waved us on.  As we drove down the road, we could hear the engines of the spaceship start up and we could only wonder if those two precious children had been put on that ship to fly to lands unknown.  Hopefully they make it back to us someday and are able to tell us the REAL story of this quirky backyard!

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