Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An 80 Degree Day in January

Five days ago we went for a day trip to Grand Lake and the surrounding areas.  We stopped along the way to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  We couldn't believe that it was 80 degrees in January.  Today it is 5 degrees so it's nice to look back on that beautiful day.  I hope that on this bitter cold day, that these photos warm your soul.

Roadside waterfall
These waterfalls were along the roadside  on the way to a swimming hole we used to visit in the summer.  There was a couple picnicing alongside the water so we hurried and snapped a few photos so we wouldn't disturb them.

Waterfall Along Road

Rushing Water

       I loved the colors in these waters.  There were 
       golds, teals, blues and greens that were
       spectacular.  They were bright splashes of
       color right in the middle of a winter background.

This one led off back further than we were willing to walk away from our vehicle.  It was so beautiful and the sound of the rushing water was like music to the soul.
Rambling Turqouise Waters

Blue Hole, Salina, OK

Blue Hole is a large swimming hole in Salina.  We
used to go every summer.  It is spring and lake fed and is freezing.  There used to be a big rope
swing there, but the owners took it down because too many people were getting hurt.  There is no beach there.  You have to set up on the rocks and it's pretty rough.  You can camp there too.

78 Degrees at Blue Hole

This photo was taken at Little Blue, which is one of the spillways at Grand Lake in Tiajuana.  There is
Big Blue and Little Blue.  When they open the dam
this is where the water goes.  Some places its safe to
swim and others are quite dangerous. 

Offshoot of Little Blue

Leaves in Water
 I saw that these leave submerged in water still had some life, some color to them.  It made me wonder if I just stayed in the water all the time, could I preserve my skin a little longer!


Looking for Something to Eat
This bird kept circling over us.  I'm sure he was just as delighted as we were at the unexpected springlike weather.  There were some fishermen near us and I know that bird was hoping they'd leave something for him.

Nest of Snakes (really just some tree roots)

This area was just below the Grand River Dam.  It 
was beautiful down there but a little forboding.  There were lots of shadows and we couldn't help
but wonder what it would be like if the dam broke while we were down there.

Grand River Dam

Hate to catch my leg on this fence!
I started to walk over to the two of them but somehow I felt like I would be intruding, so I just let them walk and talk.  I love them so!

Father/Son Time

I would sure hate to get caught on this wire.  It is meant to keep folks away from the dam.

A Perfect End to a Perfect Day

I shot this pic at 70 mph on the way home.  The sunset was brilliant.  The whole horizon looked on fire.

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